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World Premiere of “The Spell” Ballet

The City Ballet is proud to present the world premiere of “The Spell”, a full-length fantasy ballet, featuring original music composed by Arshak Sirunyan, choreography by Danielle Horochowski, and conducted by Elizabeth Shulze on May 13th and 14th, 2023. The production will showcase the lead dancers, Nicole Graniero and Oscar Sanchez from The Washington Ballet, along with other talented performers from The City Ballet School and the Maryland Symphony Orchestra.

The performance is based on Grimm’s fairytale of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses". The haunting and magical music is created by Arshak Sirunyan, an independent jazz composer, who has independently composed and produced contemporary ballet music for years. The Spell will be a rare experience for the audience to enjoy an original composition and witness the new full-length ballet being performed live for the first time.

The production has been four years in the making, and it will be one of the first full-length ballets staged by a woman with an original score. The lead dancers, Nicole Graniero and Oscar Sanchez, are experienced professionals who will portray the roles of Elise and Peter, respectively. The animation for “The Spell” has been created by Mitch Stark, and it will be featured in the ballet as special effects and scenes.

The performance is a perfect experience for all ages to enjoy the ballet, the orchestra, and the music. Tickets can be purchased from the Maryland Theatre box office or online through their website. You can also watch the trailer of the ballet and learn more by visiting Do not miss the opportunity to experience the world premiere of “The Spell” and immerse yourself in the haunting and magical world of ballet.