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Staff & Board

Administrative Staff

Stephen Marc Beaudoin

Executive Director

Michael Harp

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Katherine Woolsey

Director of Education and Production

Daniel Rose

Patron & Donor Engagement Manager

Judy Ditto

Accounting Manager

Production Staff

Maggie Rojas Seay

Personnel Manager
(Contact for questions regarding MSO auditions and substitute list)

David Fitzwater

Operations Assistant

D. Marianne Gooding


Board of Directors

Jane Anderson
Pieter Bickford
Deborah Bockrath
Kim Bowen
Jake Caldwell
Jason Call
Connell Cuffie
Dr. Brendan Fitzsimmons
Ryan M. Flurie
Cindy Garland
Linda Hood
Kimberly Jones
Michelle Leveque, Esq.
Ira S. Lourie, M.D.
Mindy Marsden
William L. McGovern
Dave McKinney
Dr. Stephen W. Miles
Tereance Moore
James G. Pierné
Susan Rocco
Hugh J. Talton, M.D.
Brittany Whiteside

Ex-Officio Members

Elizabeth Schulze
Stephen Marc Beaudoin
Magaly Rojas Seay


President Hugh J. Talton, M.D.
Vice President Mindy Marsden
Secretary Linda Hood
Treasurer Jason Call
Assistant Treasurer   William L. McGovern

Committee Chairs

Audit Vacant
Development Pieter Bickford
Finance (co-chairs)   Jason Call, William L. McGovern
Governance Ira Lourie
Education Deborah Bockrath
Strategic Planning Mindy Marsden

Honorary Directors

Dr. J. Emmet Burke
Anton T. Dahbura, Ph.D
April L. Dowler
Patricia F. Enders
Frederica Erath
John F. Erath
Dr. J. Ramsay Farah
Donald R. Harsh, Jr.
Marjorie M. Hobbs
Howard S. Kaylor
Dori Nipps
Alan J. Noia
Mrs. Georgia Pierné
Mr. James G. Pierné
Samuel G. Reel, Jr.
William J. Reuter
Joel L. Rosenthal, M.D.
Dr. Hugh Talton
Martha "Marty" Talton
Cassandra Wantz
Richard T. Whisner