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Endowment Funds & Heritage Society

The MSO’s commitment to artistic excellence is well-known, but such a commitment depends on the generosity of community-minded individuals and organizations who gladly shoulder the responsibility of promoting, preserving and supporting the Symphony’s mission. Many MSO patrons have demonstrated this kind of strong personal commitment to our artistic, educational and community-based initiatives through contributions to the MSO Endowment Fund. However, the need for additional endowment support remains. Continuing to build the MSO’s endowment ensures the Symphony’s continued quality and stability.

To recognize contributors of estate planning gifts such as bequests, trusts, charitable gift annuities or insurance policies, the Maryland Symphony Orchestra provides membership in the Heritage Society. Members of the Society are extraordinary contributors, demonstrating their devotion to symphonic music and the MSO thereby guaranteeing the future of both.

Estate planning is often put off until sometime “in the future.” Through careful planning today, members of the Heritage Society have the satisfaction of knowing that their own interests and wishes have helped to shape the MSO’s future, and that tomorrow’s audiences will benefit from today’s generosity.

Contributions to the MSO Endowment Funds, as are all gifts to the MSO, are tax-deductible as allowed by federal law. We invite you to make a contribution to the MSO Endowment Funds or become a member of the Heritage Society by including a provision for the Maryland Symphony Orchestra in your estate plan. Please visit with your financial or legal advisors or call the MSO’s Executive Director, Kimberly Bowen, at 301-797-4000 for more information.

Invest in the future of your orchestra. The returns are immeasurable!

Maryland Symphony Orchestra Endowment Funds

For contributions through June 30, 2022

($100,000 and over)

The Estate of Alberta G. Alcorn
Mr. & Mrs. David McCain
Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Rubin
Doris H. Thompson
Dr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Talton
The Estate of Jay L. Troxell
The John M. Waltersdorf Family
Washington County Board of County Commissioners

($50,000 to $99,999)

The J. Chris & Patricia Ramsey Fund
The State of Maryland
USF & G Foundation, Inc.

($25,000 to $49,999)

First National Bank of Maryland
The Estate of Florence Hill Graff
Mr. & Mrs. Howard S. Kaylor
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry E. Massey
Mr. & Mrs. Dominick J. Perini
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Pitzer
Mrs. Agnita M. Schreiber
Susquehanna Bank (formerly Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust)

($10,000 TO $24,999)

The Honorable & Mrs. W. Kennedy Boone, III
C&P Telephone Company of Maryland
Ewing Oil Company
Hagerstown Trust Company
C. William Hetzer, Inc.
Harvey H. Heyser, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kerstein
The Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation
John H. Hornbaker, Jr., M.D.
Mr. William Hunsberger
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Marsden
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Pierné
The Estate of Mr. & Mrs. John V. Jamison, III
Maryland Metals, Inc.
Maryland National Foundation, Inc.
Maryland Symphony Orchestra Guild
Dr. & Mrs. Robert K. Hobbs
Mr. & Mrs. Spence W. Perry
Rust-Oleum Corporation
James Schurz
Mrs. Dorothy Slocum Webster
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Young, Jr.

($5,000 TO $9,999)

Dr. and Mrs. A. F. Abdullah
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Baer
Mr. & Mrs. Allen J. Clopper
Conservit, Inc.
Coopers & Lybrand
The Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust
Grove Worldwide
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Kenney
Leslie W. Mills
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Nitzell
Samuel G. Reel, Jr.
William J. & Selina A. Reuter
Dr. & Mrs. Joel L. Rosenthal
Sovran Bank / Nations Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Tischer
Mrs. Mary B. Welty

($1,000 TO $4,999)

Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Byers
Hermione H. Brewer
Michael G. Callas
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Carey
Mrs. David Cushwa, III
Mary & Bud Dahbura
Deloitte & Touche
Dr. & Mrs. Breese Dickinson
Mr. & Mrs. Merle Elliott
Mrs. Patricia Enders
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin P. Erck, III
G.A. Stewart Enterprises, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Carl J. Galligan
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Gelbach, Jr.
Mrs. Lucinda S. Grunberg
Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Harsh, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John Hershey, Jr.
IBM Corporation
Renee & Fred Kramer
Doris Lehman
Reverend George A. Limmer
Dr. & Mrs. Edward M. Macon
Mr. & Mrs. J. Alvin Massey
Mrs. Victor D. Miller
The Noxell Foundation, Inc.
Packaging Services of Maryland, Inc.
Mrs. Theron Rinehart
     In memory of Theron Rinehart
Pearl & Odell H. Rosen
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Sharrett
Statton Furniture Manufacturing Co.
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Z. Sulchek
Mrs. Agnes Supernavage
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Tuckwell
Bruce Van Wyk
Venice Inn
Mr & Mrs. Robert A. Wantz
Weinberg & Green
Dr. & Mrs. Howard N. Weeks
Captain J. Maury Werth
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Whisner

(under $1,000)

Alpha Sigma Chapter of ESA
Mrs. Jack Beachley
Mrs. Sara Bock
Dr. Edward W. Ditto, III
Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Carden, Jr.
Jason & Dadra Call
Karen Jenneke
Toni & Lee Crawford
Dr. Robert L. Josephs
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Anderson
Morton & Sophia Macht Foundation, Inc.
Maryland Symphony Orchestra Guild
     In memory of Rosemary G. Vocke by Peter & Kathleen Clouthier
Volvo (formerly Mack Trucks, Inc.)
Paul C. & Margaret K. Massey
Children (Curt, Jerry, Judy and Alvin)
     In memory of Ralph Sharrett
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Meyer
Denis & Susan Rocco

Heritage Society

(For Donors who wish to make gifts or pledges through estate planning; such as insurance policies, wills or trusts)

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Hose
Mr. & Mrs. John V. Jamison, III
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Marsden
Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Noia
Dr. & Mrs. Carl D. Pedersen
Mr. & Mrs. Spence W. Perry
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Pierné
Mrs. Theron Rinehart
Dr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Talton
Doris H. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Tischer